DNS Resolutions problems, Component Outage Detected


Our service provider seem to now have things under control, so services have returned to normal.

We'll review this properly and see what we can do to prevent it in future.

Thanks for understanding.

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Our DNS provider (www.linode.com) has now confirmed the issue (status.linode.com), and they're working to get things back to normal.

We are expecting things will gradually improve. We shall keep you updated.

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We've confirmed there is a problem, it looks like some intermittent problem with our DNS provider meaning routing of traffic for the all our services isn't reliable.

We're digging in to the issue and will update you again as soon as we know more...

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Affected components
  • Web Application (app.dexma.com)
  • REST API (api.dexcell.com/v3)
  • Insertion APIs
    • Default Insertion API (is3.dexcell.com)
    • FTP Bridge (ftp.dexcell.com)
    • Email bridge